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Short Fairy Tale

The Three” Billy Sheep” are reinforcing their strength before they are tackling the bridge.

Here they are resting on the other side of the bridge. The troll is nowhere to be seen, so has probably gone down stream.



4 Responses

  1. Ah ha! The Three Billy Goats Gruff! We had the children act out the story at the preschool last year. Those trolls can be nasty. I wonder if there are any under the bridges here in Cow Bay. I hope not.

    • There probably are as many trolls in Cow Bay as there are here 🙂
      Even though these are sheep, the setting reminded me so of this fairy tale, so I could not resist 🙂

  2. Eldrid, you are so clever! Leave it to your strong observation powers to notice those three sheep (goat wannabes–ha!) were just the right size for an eventyr comparison…very cute.

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