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My little helper

After graduating from two crutches to only one crutch when inside the house, fetching and carrying becomes easier, but can still be a bit of a problem.  Granted, I have now at least one hand free to carry stuff, but can seldom carry more than one thing at a time, and not very heavy stuff that needs both hands.

With my husband’s work  taking him away from home for a few weeks, I decided I needed a helper.

I cast my eyes on this little beauty:


–  a small trolley for carrying stuff when cleaning, which is not done excessively in this house, I’m afraid, – so it has been tucked away in the room behind our kitchen for a while.  Now was the time for it to finally be useful.

I must confess I am a hoarder of containers as well as of fabrics (and also some other items which shall not be mentioned here), – and a quick trip to the store room produced a low plastic container which fit exactly on the top shelf of the trolley. Of course, finds like this always justify my hoarding tendencies.

Adding a piece of rubber mesh underneath prevented it from slipping off the shelf.


When I am alone in the house, I enjoy having my breakfast in the living room in front of the TV, – or just sitting comfortably reading a book or magazine while I eat.  My little helper can now carry all the breakfast things in one go, – no need to travel fifty times to and from the kitchen carrying one thing at a time.


It is also very useful when working in the kitchen, – carrying table ware from the dishwasher to the far away cupboards, or, as shown in the photo:  carrying all the ingredients from the refrigerator over to the kitchen table so I can be sitting down when making the salad.


But best of all: it is superb for carrying fabrics between my fabric resource center (otherwise known as stash) and my sewing space.  When auditioning fabrics for a new project I need lots and lots, and my helper can carry them all very easily.

Hurray for wheels, – and their inventor(s).


“Life Savers”

When I went in for my first hip replacement more than five years ago, I was very worried that weeks and weeks of weightbearing on crutches would harm my hands and wrists, as they are already weakened by RA.  Like for most quilters, or crafters in general, I think, the thought of losing the use of my hands is one of my biggest fears. 

I voiced this fear to the hospital staff, and imagine my delight when I was brought crutches like this one:


When using these, all the weight bearing is done by the underarms, – the hands and wrists are at rest, – or only slightly occupied in lifting and steering the crutches.


I got the same kind of crutches this time too, and am happily trotting along 🙂

They are a bit unusual, though, and not everyone know of their existence.  At the first hospital where I stayed this time, I had to ask especially and explain what they were supposed to look like before they finally dug out a pair, – and every time I showed up in the corridor using the cruthces, their existence and function were eagerly pointed out by the staff tutoring the nurse students who had just arrived that week.

I call them my “life savers”.  I shudder at the thought of what might have happened have not these crutches existed, – or just as bad: the staff at the hospital would not know about them.

For what it is worth, I am passing this knowledge along to everyone who might need it.

Take care of your hands.