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Quilt Education 3

So, – what happened to my self imposed quilt education?

Well, it is coming along, – not very fast, but still.

I basted a lot of hexagons, and started to experiment with some possible layouts.  I was already in love with the roses, so decided to use them as a sort of central ornament.


Since the paper inserts are a bit stiff, I found that I had to sew all the seams around the edges of the central hexagon first, then I could remove the paper from this one, and then be able to fold it over so I could sew the seams between each of the surrounding hexagons.


I am not sure if this is the correct way of doing it, but it worked for me.

Then onto more experiments with various layout options.



This is the really fun part of all patchwork techniques, – trying out the colours and combinations.

Since I wanted a cutesy look to go with my roses, I decided that I would need some pink hexagons as well.  On to more cutting and basting, and then try it out:


Weelll, – not quite sure about the last border, but decided that I wanted the green and beige ones, so started to sew those two together. 

But how to go about it?


I decided to apply the same method as before, to work around one hexagon at a time….


…. then remove the paper when all sides have been sewn…..


… so I can fold right sides together and sew the new hexgons together.

It goes like this:


Sew the red lines first, remove paper, then you can sew the yellow lines.  Go on to the next rose patch and sew in the same sequence.

This works well for sewing medallion style.  I have not tried to sew many hexagon flowers, like the rose centre here, to join afterwards.  That will be a challenge, – if I ever get around to it.  First things first though: finish this one.


Qult Education 1

Quilt Education 2

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