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Bargello Dancing Flames

Bargello quilts are fun. As with all kinds of quilts there are a multitude of possible variations, and they also come together quickly, – at least the tops do.


This one has just been finished.

It was started last summer, so you may well ask what happened to the “quickly” part.   The answer is that the last step, the binding, was put off and put off again, until quite recently. The delay was partly on purpose, so that I might also finish the pattern I have been writing for this quilt, so that they could be presented together.

flammentanz (2)

Many years ago, in 1997, I made the quilt above, and have been meaning to make another one which could fit on a bed.


Now I have, although not all by myself.

Anne Rønningen at Quiltekammeret has done a wonderful job with the quilting.


I think the flame like all over quilting pattern fit very well with the bargello pattern of this quilt.

The pattern is available on my website as a downloadable pdf-file.

Have fun!