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The Fantastic Seam Ripper

Grandson has finished his very colourful shirt, which has been in the works on and off for some months now. Last of all he sewed the button holes for the buttons.

Then he discovered what a wonderful instrument the seam ripper can be. It sheared open the button holes soooo easily. This was real fun.

A few minutes later, our test patch looked like this:

Too much fun to stop. Luckily, we have no shortage of fabric scraps to serve as test patches in this house.





– “Granny”, the 3-year-old says in an almost inaudible voice, – “we must close the door”.

The two of us are sitting at the dining room table playing domino, and since the two brothers of 5 and 3 have been running in and out, the door to the hall is open, – and besides, it is quite hot in the room with so many people present, so we have not bothered to shut it.

– “Why do we have to close the door?” I ask innocently.  In reality, I am curious to know if he perhaps has picked up some of the “saving-on-heating-and-the-electricity-bill”- attitude that has been so prevalent everywhere during these cold winter months.

– “Because there are dinosaurs out there”, – he says.

So much for the hopes of a green mindset.

– “Where?” I ask, looking through the door, where all we can see from where we are sitting is my design wall. A few smaller quilts are hanging on the wall in waiting for a more permanent wall space either in our house or someone else’s.

“There!” he says, pointing straight at the quilt below.

– “They are in the forest”.

– “But they won’t do any harm in there”, I try to argue.

– “Yes, they will. They want to come out and eat the Dolphin”  (stuffed toy).

He is not going to allow that, so he resolutely jumps down from the chair and closes the door. He climbs back up, hugs the Dolphin and says: “Now you are safe. I will look after you”.

And we can continue our domino game in peace. The dinosaurs are stuck in the woods, – or at least outside the door.