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New Look

I have just changed the look of my blog a little bit. I found that my old theme had been retired and did not get updated with new, useful features.

I found another theme which looks a little bit like the old one, but has features like Gallery, which I plan to use a lot. I love to add lots of photos in my posts, so this means you no longer have to scroll miles to read through a post, but can choose to click through a collection of photos, or just  look at the thumbnails if you are in a hurry.

It is not quite finished yet, – I still have to tweak a few things to get the look closer to what I want.





I got the following message from WordPress today:


Ok, – I have lived a few years, but not that many, I think 😉

Thanks for the reminder though, I really should keep up with the blogging more.

By the way, I liked the new media upload page where you can just scroll through good sized thumbnails of all the uploaded photos to quickly find the one you want.  A real time saver!



Waking Up

It is high time to drag this blog of mine out of its hibernation, I think. It is probably well rested by now as it has been more or less asleep since Christmas time.

So, what happened?

First it was the Christmas Day storm “Dagmar”, which caused our internet connection to go down for nearly a month. Then there was the backlog to deal with after we came online again, plus I was working on two projects (not to be shown for a long while yet).

And then there is always life, – all the little things that come in the way of the things we plan to do, – but we still love it 🙂

I am working on showing you some embroideries here next, so watch out!

🙂 Eldrid