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New Look

I have just changed the look of my blog a little bit. I found that my old theme had been retired and did not get updated with new, useful features.

I found another theme which looks a little bit like the old one, but has features like Gallery, which I plan to use a lot. I love to add lots of photos in my posts, so this means you no longer have to scroll miles to read through a post, but can choose to click through a collection of photos, or just  look at the thumbnails if you are in a hurry.

It is not quite finished yet, – I still have to tweak a few things to get the look closer to what I want.




One Response

  1. good for you! We are coming over 27th to 31 May this year. Heading for Halsnoy, but if you might be in Bergen on the Tuesday or Saturday I’d love to meet for a coffee

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