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It’s Cold

The weather has been cold and clear lately, – perfect for the growing of ice crystals.  The pictures below are a small part of the result of two ten minute photo safaris in our garden area, – one yesterday, and one today.  Choosing which pictures to show out of the two hundred or so, took much longer than shooting them.


The crystals have grown quite big, – they are almost like small plants with leaf rosettes, and they are everywhere on grassy areas.


On the tree stump, a bit higher off the ground, they are not quite so big.


The small heather plants are nearly covered by ice crystal “plants”.



They tend to “grow” in clumps.


As happened with the star crystals last week, I am reluctant to step on any of these wonders.


But it is impossible to move without doing so.


When stepping on to the grass, you can hear a faint sound, as if millions of miniature glasses fall and break.


… or like you are wading through heaps of tiny, tiny glass shards.

Below are some more photos, – I couldn’t stop myself  …   😉










On some of the photos I have tweaked the contrast quite a bit to better show off the fabulous patterns.

The last photo below, I also turned to gray scale. Some of the crystals are very, very thin and transparent.


I hope all of you in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the winter time.




7 Responses

  1. Så utruleg flott! Det er så praktfullt i naturen no, at ein kan nesten miste pusten. Dei snøkrystallane dine tidlegare er no heilt utrulege. Her er masse inspirasjon. Du har fanga det på ein flott måte. Eg har prøvd, men er ikkje så god fotograf. Ha ei strålande helg!

    • Tusen takk, Edny. Eg blir alltid freista til å prøve å fotografere når eg ser desse nydelege dataljane, – men det er ikkje enkelt å få dei godt fram. Mykje av arbeidet skjer i ettertid i fotoredigeringsprogram.
      Ha ei fin helg der nord og. Lykke til med stipendprosjektet 🙂

  2. Oh, wow! Those photos are amazing! We don’t get crystals like that here. Just snow. Lots and lots of snow. Thanks for sharing! Adding Norway to my list of places to visit in the winter. 🙂

    • Thank you, CitricSugar 🙂 I would have thought you had ice crystals in Canada too, – all it takes is frost and a little humidity. But of course, you are very welcome to visit any time 🙂 Can’t guarantee crystals at all times, – they do not often grow as big as this around her either.

  3. […] Eiskristalle in einem Garten auf einer norwegischen […]

  4. So beautiful Eldrid! The Ice Queen must be living in Norway this winter for you to be witness to such an amazing growth of crystals.

    This blog post is such a contrast to the previous one about dancing flames.

    • Thank you, Amy-Lynn! The long spell of frost made them grow and grow, but the Ice Queen has left us for the moment, – back to rain and sleet. It was beautiful, though. 🙂

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