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Rosemadonna 2

It is festival time again over at Amy’s Creative Side.It is always an exciting event, with lots of lovely quilts to be seen.

This time I will show you the follow-up of my last entry, which I have simply called Rosemadonna 2, since it is the second in the series, – and the last one, so far.

While I was making the first one, I kept visualizing the design made up in different colourways, so I wanted to try out one of them.

Also, I was not quite satisfied with the proportions of the first one. That one was a kind of experiment, just to see if the idea in my head was possible to make at all, and how to go about it, – a sort of “make-it-up-as-you-go”-project.

This time around I had a rough sketch of the project before I started so I had a few measurements ready before I cut into the fabrics.

I wanted gold and glittering stuff, along with the (almost) white, black and grey, and just a few pinkish parts here and there. I had visualized some quilting on the sides, but that did not work out as the parts became too stiff to drape the way I wanted them to. So the two layers of loose flaps on the sides are not quilted separately.

I also had the roses completely opened by sewing the tips of the petals down.

The top part came out a bit “light” compared to the bottom part, so I added the pearls to have more balance.

This is the 7th  Blogger’s Quilt Festival, and this will also be my 7th entry.

My previous entries can be seen here:

Spring 2009

Autumn 2009

Spring 2010

Autumn 2010

Spring 2011

Autumn 2011

Big thanks to Amy for organizing this yet again.

Please head over there, you will have links to lots of lovely stuff, and this year you even get to nominate the entries in several different categories, and then vote later on.




33 Responses

  1. Sååå nydeleg!! Eg er så imponert over produkta dine! Du er utruleg flink;) Lykke til!

  2. Quilting is very beautiful pink peek a fantastic job!

  3. Oh my, how beautiful and unique! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Dette er noe av det nydeligste jeg noen gang har sett innen vårt fag! Det er ikke mer å si om det.

  5. Truly a piece of art !!

  6. Wow! I remember thinking the same thing when I saw your last one, too.
    I find this fascinating that you are recreating it with a totally different feel.

  7. It’s just beautiful. Love the roses!

  8. This is a lovely piece.

  9. Den er så vakker at eg gret her. Beautiful, I`m crying.

  10. Those roses are incredibly beautiful! Such a work of art!

  11. Beautiful. Creatively Different and Stunning in impact.

  12. Beautiful! Love the roses!

  13. so interesting work!! I love you Madoona !:) and colors are very beautiful!
    hugs from Russia!

  14. Molto particolare….mi piace….

  15. […] Rosemadonna 2 « Kameleon says: May 18, 2012 at 11:37 am […]

  16. Ingenious and simply inspiring ! Well done !

  17. Very interesting techniques in this, especially the roses … love the 3D approach! =D

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