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One of the almost mandatory things to do for a quilter in Reykjavik, is a visit to the quilt shop Virka, which is one of the largest quilt shops in Europe.

I could not possibly miss out on that, and as it was raining on our first day, we grabbed the opportunity of some indoors sightseeing.

When you enter the shop, you are first greeted by a large area of fabric for clothing.

Lots of fabrics in every colour.

Those who are using non-quilting fabrics in their projects can find lots of stuff here.

If you are after the “real” quilting fabric, head for the staircase to the basement.

It is easy to find as there are lots of quilts hanging on the bannister and on the walls all around.

It is almost like a mini quilt show….

… or perhaps not so mini.

A couple of brighter hangings catch the eye just before you get to see the goodies you are after….

… and even more quilts displayed on the shop floor.


As you can see, this lady is having a good time in here.

A few fat eights made it back to Norway…

… and some yardage….

.. and even a bunch of fat quarters. When I don’t really need anything, the blue greens always make their way into my bag anyway.

I fell for these cute scissors. Nice as presents, or to bring along with a hand sewing project.

I think my purchases were quite restrained, especially considering what I left behind:



Ok… I won’t bore you with more fabrics.

I was even tempted to buy this quilt, – but I didn’t. After all, there is a limit on the pieces of luggage you can carry onto the airline. Pity, but there you are.

We had a great time in the shop, though.

🙂 Eldrid


14 Responses

  1. Sååå mykje fint! Her kunne eg ha likt meg, ja;) Håper du fekk med deg mykje varer og inspirasjon;)

  2. Ohhh! Arne var på Island for noen år siden, og jeg syntes det var helt greit. Etter å ha sett dine to siste innlegg, har jeg ombestemt meg……

  3. […] har lagt ut ein del bilete og omtale av ein av dei største quiltebutikkane i Europa, Virka, som vi besøkte på den første dagen då det […]

  4. Det var snilt av deg å la det vere att litt til dei andre 🙂

  5. Ha ha! You did indeed leave a lot behind! The fabric store in my neck of the woods also sells those little scissors. I would be tempted to leave with some of those blues too. I found those colors irresistible.

    • I thought the scissors were super cute 🙂 I have seen similar before, but did not buy till now. Being in a shop with this many fabrics is a treat, – there are not any nearly as big as this anywhere close to our home.

  6. Wow! This shop is amazing. It is a good thing I don’t live anywhere near it 😀
    Thanks for the lovely photos 🙂 Avis x

  7. I’m going to be in Reykjavik next week. I’m so looking forward to visiting this shop!

  8. Just want to tell you how very much I enjoyed your photo tour of the fabric shop in Iceland. Going in June and am an obsessive quilter. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for commenting, Janice, and I am pleased that you liked the photos. I hope your visit to Iceland, and to the shop, will be as exciting as mine, at the very least. I imagine their display will have changed a bit by now. I will definitely go again if, or when, I return to Reykjavik. Have a nice trip 🙂

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