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Spring Report

Every year I take photos and post a report on the progress of spring on or around May 1st. This year we were travelling on May 1st, so the photos on that exact day shows the spring progress on Iceland, which varied a lot even within quite short distances.

The photo above was taken at Jökulsàrlon, a lagoon created by a retracting glacier. Icebergs break off the glacier and float round and round in the lagoon till they melt, as the opening is too narrow for them to float out into the ocean. They are quite a sight.

A few miles from the iceberg lagoon, we stopped to look at this old church, – the last one to be built in the old Icelandic manner with turf covered walls and roof. The dandelions were blooming on the roof, sheep and lambs were out and about nearby, so this was infinitely more spring like than the icebergs.

This primrose was blooming on one of the turfed walls of the olde houses in the photo below.

And this low bush similar to pussy willows was also in bloom:

I am not sure what the correct name of this bush would be.

As for the home scene, I will have to make do with before and after photos this year.

The two photos above were taken on April 26th before we left.

And here are the after photos of the same views….

… taken on May 6th.

We seem to have moved backwards into winter instead of forward to spring.


6 Responses

  1. Flott vårveir på Island ja. Det vert nok betre og betre dag for dag her også. 🙂 – (Håpar eg…) 😉

  2. The turf covered walls and roof seem like an excellent way to conserve energy. I wouldn’t be surprised if people didn’t return to the old ways of doing things in order to move forward with more sustainable living methods.

    • Yes, I think turf is effective insulation. Lots of energy has already been saved by people insulating their houses better here, only with different materials, triple glazing and such. Turf is still an exception, although some use it for roofs.

  3. Woops! I should have written ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if people DID return to the old ways of…’

  4. Sæl!
    Great photos. I was searching for Icelandic primulas and found your page. That bush is indeed a pussy willow. There are four species in Iceland and I think that is Salix lanata or loðviðir – the wooly willow (?). Thanks for putting up these great photos!

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