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A Quilty Sign of Spring

Another sign that spring is coming is the annual coming-together of the quilt groups in our county, Sogn og Fjordane. This usually happens in April, when the roads are (hopefully) free of snow, and we can drive along the fjords and below the mountains without the fear of being swept away in an avalanche or being crushed beneath tons of falling ice or rocks.

It is quite informal, and started out with one group inviting another group, like: “Would you like to come for coffe and cakes on Sunday afternoon, and please bring some of the things you have made and then we will show you ours.. ?”

And so it spread, and it now includes quilt groups throughout the county, plus neighbouring counties if they would care to come.

It is still informal, – there is no organizational body, – just the groups taking turns inviting the other groups, and it takes place on just this one day. The group whose turn it is to organize the meeting, rents some suitable rooms, people sign up with a number of quilted items they will be showing, and everybody arrives on Sunday morning to hang their things in an allotted space.

If possible, the organizing group will hang their things the evening before, as they will be quite busy on the day itself.

Shops are also invited, and there is usually a talk in the early afternoon, and a hot meal for all who have signed up. Afterwards the exhibition is open to the general public, and there are lots of coffe and cakes, all made by the members of the hosting group.

Group project made by 8th grade pupils in Florø

This is the photo they worked from

This year the quilt group in Florø organized the meeting.

I was not aware of the exact date until I saw it advertised in the local paper a few days before, and by then I was already doubly booked for that weekend; – a shopping trip with a group of friends on Saturday, combined with babysitting the grandkids in the evening and staying the night there.

Hilda Bjerkaker, Førde

Hilda Bjerkaker, detail, (text says: Take time for living)

However, I left for home earlier than I had planned on Sunday, so I managed to spend an hour at the exhibition on my way home. Sadly, I missed the talk, but there were lots of beautiful things to see.

This group of quilts hung behind the door to the main room, in poor lighting, but I doubt that anybody missed seeing them for that reason, – they were so bright and colourful. They were made by members of the Florø group.

Åse Kjærstad, Førde

Luckily I had brought my camera, and with sufficient battery power, and took a lot of photos. The ones I show here, is just a small part of everything that was hanging around the walls.

Liv Ingun Holvik, Gloppen

Liv Ingun Holvik, detail

I have probably picked the things I liked best myself, but also try to show a variety of works, both large and small. Table runners are very popular, it seems.

Helga Helle, Førde

Helga Helle, detail

I also saw lots of things made with stitchery, or stitchery combined with patchwork and applique. Makes you want to start stitching. The one above has a fairy tale theme.

Ok, – I’ll let you enjoy the pictures without my comments disturbing you.

Laila Berge, Florø

Laila Berge, detail

Lillian Nygård, Florø

Annlaug Apneseth Kongsvik, Førde

This was one of the few large quilts on display. I believe it is a Bonnie Hunter mystery.

Janne Kjørvik Gloppen

Janne Kjørvik, Gloppen

Oddveig Brendø, Florø (text says: What am I without the others?)

Kari Witzøe, Florø

Kari Witzøe, Florø

Karin Dankertsen, Florø

Solfrid Nordvik, Syvde

Solfrid Nordvik, Syvde

I have tried to identify the makers of all the works, but some did not have an identifying tag attached, so I do not know who made the items below:


One comment I overheard from an (obviously) non-quilting visitor: “I had no idea that patchwork could be so varied, – such a lot of different things”.

I guess she wasn’t the only person who was impressed.

Before the day ended, I also managed to share a pizza with our other daughter, who lives in Florø.

What a great weekend 🙂



5 Responses

  1. Takk for titten – gøy å få sjå korleis det var, for oss som syntest turen vart for lang ein søndag i april. Det stemmer, det at det er eit Bonnie Hunter-mystery. Det er frå sist jul. Tenk å legge ut slikt midt i julestria!
    Her har eg gått og spekulert på “høner på pinne” i heile dag. Fann heldigvis att eit par halvferdige. No må eg berre finne ut kvar eg la basten min :o)
    Ha ein fin påske, Eldrid.

    • Eg synest og det er kjekt å sjå bilete frå utstillingar på diverse bloggar når eg ikkje har fått vore der sjølv, – og denne gongen passa det at eg kuinne legge ut litt. Kjekt at det blir sett pris på.
      Bonnie Hunter-quilten var kjempeflott, og mykje arbeid, ja.
      Her er nesten fullt hus i dag, – koseleg besøk av barn og barnebarn, så det som ikkje er pynta no, det får berre vere.
      Ha ei fortsatt god påske 🙂

  2. “… we can drive along the fjords and below the mountains without the fear of being swept away in an avalanche or being crushed beneath tons of falling ice or rocks.”

    I thought our roads were bad. Yours are downright hazardous!

    The quilts and stitchery are all quite lovely. It’s amazing what can be done with a needle and some thread. I like the informality of your gathering. It says a lot about the casual cosiness of quilters.

    • Hehe, – yes, maybe they are hazardous. I just read a summing-up of this winter from the road authorities: there has been 211 road closings in this county alone due to avalanches, ice blocks or rocks on the road, or high risk of avalanches coming down.
      In addition there has been lots of road closings due to traffic incidents because of slippery roads, – often involving large trucks in steep slopes.
      So quilters are perhaps wise to have their meetings in the springtime. You have a fair chance of getting there without running into closed roads too. 🙂
      However, one person’s hazard is often another person’s everyday life: I wouldn’t for the life of me dare to drive a car in some of the big cities of the world, while many people do, obviously 😉

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