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Today is spring equinox, and in some places we see signs of springlike activities, like snowdrops popping their heads out of the ground. But in other places, it may take some time yet before spring arrives.

Last year I posted some winter photos which were taken at our daughter’s place. I also took the photo above of the same playground that was posted here, but from a slightly different angle. Also, snow like this was to be expected in January.

A few days ago we visited again, and I took the photos below. It is the same playground, although you can hardly tell because of the snow.

The structure sticking out of the snow is the top of the swings.

You can just glimpse the top wire of the fence in the path our grandson made when crawling through the snow.

It snowed when we were there, and it has snowed since.

The ground has been covered since October, so everyone is weary of snow, although the children are having fun from time to time.

– I’ll better pop  out and check if spring is on its way yet.

– Naaaah, doesn’t look like it.

– I think spring needs some help.



– Let’s go and do something else while we are waiting.


Today it is raining, so there is hope. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Spring…it’s all relative 🙂

  2. Wow! That is a lot of snow! Your top image looks so beautiful with all the blue shadows.

    We had a bit of a dusting here last night too and it has been colder than seasonal. It seems like spring is slow in getting to Nova Scotia as well.

    • Thank you, Amy. The top image was taken in January last year, – the low sun created lots of shadows on that day.
      Let’s hope spring will come to us all before long 🙂

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