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There was a lot of fuss in the media about a storm that was going to reach our coast this Friday.  Nothing like the one that hit Queensland, of course, but still, there were headlines with ominous warnings like: “Secure everything outside”, “Stay safely indoors”, and such. Media always love a storm, and will make the most of it, it seems.

Friday morning was quite calm, – at least compared to our “expectations” by then. I had to go out on a few errands, and decided to bring my camera, just in case. By midday it had picked up a bit, but I was still able to fill petrol without any trouble, – mainly because there was no rain yet.  There were some heavy waves thumping onto the breakwater pier just below the shop, so I took some photos there.

Since I was now halfway to the beach at the end of the road, I decided to go to see how it looked there by now.

On the way I passed our graveyard. When the tide is high and there also is a storm, the waves will splash onto the lower part of the graveyard. It looked quite wet in places.

Further out the fjord, the waves now came crashing on to the shore.

Near the end of the road, it was even wilder.

Some of the birds seemed to enjoy themselves in this kind of weather.

This boat house does not look quite safe:

It was still standing when I left, however, and has weathered many more storms than this one during its time.

At first I was alone at the beach, but after a while a few more people turned up.

Waves are fascinating to look at.

The wind had increased a bit, but still no rain.  The clouds were sailing across the sky at full speed, and sometimes they cracked, so the light was changing by the minute.

Most of the photos above I took out of the car window, but I also went outside for a little while, – after having parked the car facing the wind to make sure the door would not be ripped off when I opened it.  There was no real danger that would happen, – it’s just a habit I have aquired after having lived in this area for many years.

My fingers were quite stiff after a few minutes outside. I had to hold onto the camera with a firm grip, and the wind was quite cold.

When I left the beach, the wind had not gotten worse. The waves were still quite rough for many hours afterwards,- but nothing out of the ordinary for a winter storm.

We are of course lucky that it was not as bad as, or worse than, was predicted. That can happen too.

We would probably be wise to believe it every time they cry “Wolf” regarding the weather, – but it gets harder the more often, and louder, they cry.



10 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing these gourgous pictures! I know it can be dangerous, and that a lot of people get hurt by storm … but I love the scenery you showed. Glad it wasn’t as bad as predicted !!

  2. It is all just so, so beautiful! I love the waves and especially the boathouse pictures.

  3. Nice pictures of the rough sea outside our island, Eldrid. 🙂 It looks like the same weather we have up here in the north at the monment. Not real bad, but uncomfortable enough. And cold. 7 freezing cold degrees. 😦 I am glad I can stay indoors in the wheelhouse. 🙂

  4. Utrolig flotte bilder. Naturkreftene er fascinerende. Her kan det være mye inspirasjon til nye quilter.

  5. Beautiful photos Eldrid. The one of the boat house looks especially wild.

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