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There is a First Time for Everything…

. . . . even at tradition bound Christmas.

This year we went plastic for the first time, but probably not the last, – and also probably not forever.

Every second year my husband does not come home till the day before Christmas, or thereabout, –  so getting a decent, thawed, and/or dry, Christmas tree in time, may sometimes be a problem.

On one afternoon, about a week before Christmas, a farmer from further inland usually brings a truck load of Christmas trees for sale to our island, so that those of us who do not want to take an axe to a local tree ourselves, may still be able to bring one home.  So many a time I have picked up a tree in the parking lot by the local shop and wrestled it single handed into the car during drenching rain, sleet, or a howling gale, – but never ever accompanied by softly falling white snow.

So last year I thought ahead, and in order to forestall another dreadful Christmas tree expedition this year, I caved in and bought a plastic tree as a present for my husband. (Nothing wrong in giving presents that benefit more persons in the household than the recipient himself). So underneath our lovely, original, two-topped Christmas tree of last year, was a wrapped plastic tree, which graces our living room this year.

The little bit of irony is, that we have had lovely winter weather through almost all of December, so this year I really could have collected a live tree accompanied by softly falling Christmas card snow, – but that is a First that was not to happen this time around.

And I am happy with stressless plastic for now.

Merry Christmas everyone!



5 Responses

  1. I dag er jo de kunstige riktig så pene, – jeg er superfornøyd med de vi har for 3.året på rad. God jul!

  2. God jul til deg, Eldrid. Her styrer me unna både plastikk og gran, julestjerner og sviblar. Det er sjølvhoggen furu som gjeld. I år måtte det rett nok tryllast litt med drill og ekstra greinar, men det vart slett ikkje verst. Eg strittar imot plasten til siste slutt – og imot jula i adventstida. NO er det jul – ekstra i år, med tjue minus og kvitt slør over det heile.

  3. Merry Christmas Eldrid. I love your garland of flags.

  4. ooo what fun! I brought the Norwegian and Swedish flag garlands home from a trip there years ago, they look so happy on a tree! Happy New Year’s to you! – Mary

  5. Ha! Post card idyllic or not, you were prepared! And, you were able to enjoy the lovely softly falling snow from the inside. Manmade or not, your tree is lovely. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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