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Hexagons Everywhere

On the last day of a record cold November month, I took my camera along as I walked the couple hundred metres to collect the mail.

The last weeks’ frost has almost covered the small river next to our house with thick ice. As long as there are a few small holes left, we can hear the water underneath making hollow, clucking sounds. When hearing the clucking through the walls, it sometimes sounds like there are people talking outside the house.

When the holes disappear, the river will be silent.

Hoar frost has been forming where there is a bit of humidity. It starts very small.

Then it grows outwards, and it looks like the grass straws have grown needles.

Looking closely at the tips of the “needles” one can see the hexagonal shapes that are beginning to grow, – and they are branching out.

In this part of the field the ice crystals have grown quite large, – it looks like the grass is covered in a layer of thin, white, butterfly wings.

A closer look reveals the hexagonal shapes, – layers and layers of them.

Lots and lots of variations and repetitions of the same form.

They are very thin and brittle….

… and reflect the light wonderfully.

When the full moon was shining last week, it glittered and sparkled everywhere when I was out walking in the late afternoons and early evenings.

But it is difficult to catch such glittering beauty on camera, – it is one of those things that are best when experienced “live”.

However, the details shown above, are hard to see without the help of a camera. 🙂


9 Responses

  1. Eldrid,

    The photos of frost are fascinating for someone who lives in Australia. Thank you for risking frostbite to shoe us!

    Judy B

  2. Det er endå godt at det kan komme noko vakkert ut av kulden. Flotte bileter, Eldrid 🙂

  3. Naturen er vakker – og det var flott fanga, Eldrid. Inspirasjon til nye quiltar?

  4. Fantastiske detaljer!

  5. Eldrid, you’ve captured magic with your camera! It’s odd that you are experiencing such cold while we are enjoying milder weather than usual.

  6. Absolutely stunning – the sights, and the photographs! Thanks SO much for sharing. – Mary

  7. Wow. Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures with us.

  8. Those shots of the frost are really amazing. As we get hit with tons of “lake effect” snow here in Ohio, I will have to stop complaining and look for the beauty in the teeny flakes.

    I really enjoyed reading about your time in Murmansk, had to get out a map to see just how close it is to Norway. the quilt group – what wonderful creations. Love the quilts from the paintings too!

    I am glad Mary (Curious Quilter) aimed me here today, a lovely blog trip.

  9. That is amazing! I’ve never seen frost that looks like that. Thank you fr sharing it!

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