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The Friendship Quilts

My blog has really suffered this summer, when life has had a different rhythm than it has during the rest of the year

I had planned to show you a closer view of the friendship quilts mentioned in my previous post, – in July, – so this will be the first thing to be posted now that I am trying to catch up.

I sent some pieces of fabric to the quilt group in Murmansk as a thank you for all their help with the article I wrote in 2007.

Above are the fabrics I sent to the group, – or rather, what I have left of them here. They are in a wild selection of colours and patterns, as I was in no way trying to coordinate any of them.

The three fabrics at the back I had received as a gift from an American quilting friend, who I met on the internet, and who brought these when she visited here some years back. I cut off  half of each of them, so that part of them could go on further east to new quilting friends.

I do not know for sure how the quilt group in Murmansk actually split the fabrics between them, but since there was not more than 1/2 yard of any of them, – and some were less than that, – the pieces must have been quite small if they were to be distributed evenly among the members.  It is possible that not everyone had pieces from all seven fabrics.

The challenge they decided on, was to make a quilt with a geometrical pattern.

The fabrics were brought to Murmansk by a friend of my sister in July 2008, and the quilts were finished in time for the quilt group’s 15th anniversary in February 2009.

The quilts were then part of the large exhibition the group staged as a way of celebrating their anniversary.

They have since been exhibited in several other locations.

The quilts are all the same size, but in very different designs.

When we visited the group this summer, all the quilts were laid out on a table, so we got to take these close up photos of each one.

By adding fabrics of their own, the whole spectrum of colours are represented in some of the quilts.

There was also some intricate piecing done in many of the quilts.

It was interesting to observe how each one had made use of the small fabric pieces.

Since our visit happened during the group’s summer break and some members were therefore not in town, we did not get to see all the 12 friendship quilts “live”.

However, it was great to study and enjoy the ones above, and we really appreciate that many of them took the time to come and meet with us and share their work. We really had a great time.


3 Responses

  1. Absolutely beautiful Eldrid. Thank you for taking the time out of your summer to share your close-up photographs. The days do have a different rhythm at this time of year.

  2. what magnificient quilts and the colours a just scrumptious thank you for sharing

  3. Welcome back, you ahve been missed this summer! The color choices and the precision of the intricate tile-like pieces is amazing. Thank you for sharing. – Mary, The Curious Quilter

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