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Another quilt come home

Today my quilt “Home Harbour” arrived in the mail.

It has been part of the travelling exhibition “My Country”, organized by the European Quilt Association in cooperation with the quilt associations in the individual European countries. The exhibition has been travelling for 2 years, and after the debut at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham 2008, this quilt has visited Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Norway, Italy and Austria.

It has also been to San Francisco to attend the Norway Day Festival 2010.

I sometimes wish I could be one of my quilts.



9 Responses

  1. Absolutely lovely Eldred. What an honour to have your quilt touring the world. It must be like welcoming an old friend home to have it back again.

  2. Då er min også rett rundt hjørnet. Spennande!

  3. This quilt, like all the other in this series, is very poetic and beautiful.

  4. Nydelig veggsmykke. Og så spennende at den har reist rundt omkring. Ja det hadde vel vært gøy å fulgt med den på reisen

  5. How lovely to have such an evocative piece back with you again – and think of how many people have seen it and admired and been inspired by it while it has been on it’s travels.

  6. Gorgeous quilt Eldrid. Love the simplicity and elegance of it.

  7. I agree with Alexandra. It’s so poetic and beautiful. In addition, it is classic.

  8. Fin og interessant artikkel om quiltere i Russland. Flotte ting de har laget. Artig å se hva andre driver med.

  9. Ya, det er altid en sjov hobby.

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