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Spring again

Since this blog is the closest I will get to a diary, I will post some spring photos to be compared with last year’s spring, – and then hopefully next year and many years after.

May 1st will be a good date for comparison, – easy to remember.

Yesterday I took some photos of the woods.

There is just a hint of green about the woods, approximately as in the photo I posted on April 15th last year.

Only my very earliest small daffodils are out (close to the tree trunks). The others have yellowing buds. No leaves on the fruit trees yet, – or what is left of them after the havoc wreaked on them last autumn by the deer.

Last year a friend brought a bouquet of narcissus and a branch of pear tree in full bloom on my birthday.

It has been snowing both yesterday and today, but luckily it is melting at once. By law, we should have had the winter tyres off the car nearly three weeks ago, but we did not change them till this weekend. The roads have been snowy more than once during that time.

Not much greenery on the trees, but the pussy willow is in full bloom. Looking out of the window, it looks so nice with the sun shining in between the spells of snow, but the air is bitterly cold, so there is no going out without a winter jacket on.

Now we want some warmer temperatures soon.


4 Responses

  1. Våren kjem nok fort no håpar eg. 😀 Med litt sol nokre dagar, så kjem no temperaturen opp og. – Og idag såg eg at nokre få av påskeliljene blomstra også…. 😉

  2. Ser at det er et lite grønnskjær på trærne. Her er det museører på en de bjørkene som står i sola. Våren er en deilig tid, men du verden så kaldt det er nå. Får håpe vi får en varm 17. mai.

  3. Eldrid, your posts are anything but boring! I always learn something and find myself inspired by “your inspiration”. You have such an artist’s eye. The statement, “it takes more than a vague wish to make a quilt happen” is unfortunately so true. I hope you are able to get many of those “vague wishes” into fabric though. Your works are beautiful. P.S. Really enjoyed the photos posted this winter!

    • Thank you very much, Jamie. I also learn a lot and find a lot of inspiration on the internet, but also the computer time takes away from the sewing time, so it sort of cuts both ways. It’s about finding the right balance, I guess 🙂

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