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Spring, and New Project

I have been neglecting my blog sadly the last three weeks. During this time, the snow has been gradually disappearing from the fields and gardens.

The day after the snow withdrew from this patch, it was already filled with snowdrops, having done most of their growing while under the thick layer of snow. Amazing!

A couple of days later, the temperatures were good, the sun was shining, and everyone could enjoy a nice day out:

The crocuses also started popping their heads up among all the dead grass and leaves:

It is a good thing that they are hardy plants, as it was not long before they were all covered in snow once more:

Spring is an unsteady visitor, but luckily he decided to come back. Today was another fine day, so the crocuses can continue their blooming, adding lively colours to the drab and flattened grass bed, which goes by the name of “the lawn”.

I have of course been doing other things besides watching the spring unfold, – such as finishing the commission I have been working on. That means I am now ready for new projects.

On the way to fetching my husband where they delivered their catch after his latest fishing trip, I got the chance to drop in and see my mother. She had been cleaning and tidying, and I got a stack of my father‘s shirts, which nobody else wanted, or could make use of.

I had previously hinted that they could perhaps be made into patchwork-something, and the timing was perfect, as I can now start working on them right away.  With this mix of colours and fabric qualities, I think I will go for a simple pattern, such as squares, or maybe something log cabin-style.

The fabrics are cotton, cotton/polyester mix, rayon and silk. I hope I will be able to show off some of the wonderful textures which appear in some of the silk and cotton fabrics.

I have already started cutting apart some of the oldest ones, – removing seams, cuffs, collars and pockets, and making as much “flat” fabric as possible.

Naturally I find myself going back in time, remembering, while I am working on this.  In addition to personal memories, I also see from the labels that some of the shirts were made in local factories, which were abundant in the area many years ago. Most of those factories have long been closed down, but judging from the state of the shirts, closing down would not have been due to lack of quality, as these older shirts are in fact in excellent condition.

The times they are a-changin’  …..


5 Responses

  1. Snøklokker og krokus! Vaaakkert!

  2. Your crocuses and snowdrops are beautiful. I don’t have any bulbs in my yard. I figured the snowshoe hares would just eat them all before they had a chance to bloom.

    The photo of the stacked shirts is beautiful. The quilt you make with your father’s shirts will be such a treasure.

    • Amy:
      I guess you are right about the hares and the bulbs.
      The shirt quilt will be a very special project. I have just started cutting strips now, and will soon start sewing.

      Helen: Heilt ening!!

  3. I do enjoy your blog – a recent find – and look forward to more of your pictures and projects.

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