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A Trip to Town, – and Be Warned: More Ice

It has been raining for a few days now, and for once, the rain has been very welcome.  Most times we complain about rainy weather, as we think we get way too much of it, but at this stage almost anything is better than more snow.

A couple of days before the weather turned, I made a trip into town. The occasion was my biannual mammogram, and then I also took the opportunity to run some other errands, like taking my new computer back in, to check why it did not connect with our other computers, – and maybe also get a new printer. Fabric shopping was not in the original plans, – but who can resist dropping in on the almost-next-door quilt shop while waiting for the computer to be fixed (- or that’s what I thought it would be, anyway)?

A trip out of here always starts with a ferry crossing. Because of the recent snow storm, the sea was a bit rough, but calmed down closer to the mainland. As we neared the landing, I suddenly heard some unusual banging and crashing. Looking out, I saw we were passing through an area of drift ice, – the ice further into the fjord had been broken up by the waves caused by the recent storm, and was now drifting out towards the sea.

It happens from time to time that ice can be a problem for traffic in this area, but not very often.

The sea gulls seemed to enjoy having some new perches while on the lookout for food, though.

During the 80 kilometer drive, there is a lot to see along the road, and this time I was on my own and not in a hurry, so I had time to stop and take pictures as often as I wished. Higher temperatures had been forecast, so I though perhaps this might be my last chance this winter to photograph some of the ice formations along the road sides.

With the kind of temperatures we have been “blessed” with this winter, every small or larger water trickle has frozen to ice.

Icicles are hanging off the cliffs everywhere along the road sides.

Sometimes it looks almost as if a monster has opened its mouth, baring its long and sharp fangs.

Some places that do not usually have a noticeable waterfall, now sport large cascades of ice:

One would think that having had almost no rain for months, these trickles would dry up, but some of them seem to have an endless supply of water coming from one place or other, and they grow and grow..

… and grow…

There are also really large waterfalls to be seen from the road, and they are especially impressive in their frozen state:

Some people climb frozen waterfalls like this, just for the sport, or thrill, or whatever it is that drives them, – but I am more than content just looking at them. I would not dare to risk any of my limbs by stepping onto something like this:

However, the colours are magnificent. Imagine the early morning sun shining onto this frozen waterfall, – that could have been the inspiration for this quilt that I made 17 years ago:

Blue greens have always been favourite colours of mine, so maybe that is why I am so fascinated by ice. However, the sight of the green masses if ice can also trigger quite different associations. It suddenly crossed my mind that it looks like Mother Earth is having a severe cold, and has mislaid all of her handkerchiefs:


I guess we have all been five years old at some time, and that young person still pops its head up now and then 😉

I will have to make an effort to think of it as just frozen water, so I will not be put off by greens in the future.

Ice formations are everywhere, not just by the road sides, but all the way up the mountain sides. When the temperature rises, they melt away from the rocks and fall down, and they can be a real danger to passers by on the road underneath, – and so are avalanches. Two days after I took the photo above a young woman had a narrow escape as her car was buried under an avalanche close to where I was standing when I took the photo.

This was taken on my way home in the early evening, and the setting sun adds an extra glow to the landscape, and to man made structures.

The water that seeps out everywhere is also the main source of most of the elecric power produced in this country.  This area has quite a few plants which produce hydroelectricity….

… a fact that is difficult to hide.

But we like to keep warm.

I almost forgot to show you what I bought in the quilt shop. When thinking about it afterwards, I was a bit surprised that none of the fabrics had the least resemblance of ice or snow, – instead they were rather summery:

Cute, pink roses.

No project planned for these yet, but they are delicious to look at.

Ok, – one blue green fabric,  but only because it was on sale.


It is snowing again.


13 Responses

  1. Oh, Eldrid, what a winter you had! But the pictures and the sights around are wonderful. And so are your new fabrics…
    It’s still snowing in Romania, also.
    Take care.

  2. The ice falls look spectacular. Must be quite a sight to see up close.

    All the fabric looks pretty. I’m sure you will have no problem working out how to use it all 🙂

    • Carol
      Yes, pretty fabric is a great inspirational source. Now, if I could drag myself away from this time thief (computer), I might actually get to make something from it 😉

  3. Ice can be so lovely yet make driving such a hazard! Your quilt from 17 years ago reveals the essence of ice’s beauty. Nature can be so inspiring.

  4. Utrolig flotte bilder, Eldrid. Her var det mange inspirasjonskilder. Is og snø kan også være vakkert, i allefall på bilder.

  5. Nydelege bilder… Norge er eit vakkert land, det er sikkert. Men eg er glad vinteren er over for i år, i alle fall her i NL..

  6. You live in a nice place totally different from my homeland. I really like your photos do not forget to teach so I can travel with their eyes. The fabrics are pretty sure your project comes out beautiful.

  7. Those ice photos are awesome. The Foss stroked to my eyes, that’s marvelous! I have never seen anything like that.

    Happy Wednesday!

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