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Herring season

My husband and I had a few errands in the nearest town the other day. Nothing interesting like fabric shopping, I am afraid, – just boring, but necessary, stuff such as dentist appointments and spare parts for our snow blower.

The last item on our list, – some metal wire for our garage door, – could be found in the marine equipment shop, and this took us to the most hectic area of town at the moment.

The herring season is peaking just now, and since this town is really big in herring, there were a lot of boats lying at almost every available quay side.  While my husband was inside getting the wire, I sat in the car and watched some of the activity.

Some boats were taking on board equipment, some were delivering their catch, and some were washing and cleaning their boats.

On the boat right in front of me, it looked like they had just finished cleaning the boat itself…

… and then the men took turns hosing each other down.

The water spray glittered in the late afternoon sun.

It looked like they were having fun….

…. but even though the sun was shining, the temperature was below freezing, and there was also a cold wind blowing, so I think it must have been a really cold experience.

I guess it was necessary, though. Everyone who have handled herrings know how the small scales stick to just about everything, and are almost impossible to get rid of.

There were a lot of snow and ice on the quay beforehand, and with all the additional water, I should think it must have been like a skating arena there after the frost set in during the night.

I really liked the colours in the picture above. To better see what they are, I reduced the dpi as low as it would go in my photo editor, and then made a screen shot.

I then played some more, using the eyedropper tool to pick up a few of the colours and then “splashing” them randomly onto a clean background.

Of course, this is by no means a finished design, – far from it, – but it is a collection of colours I will definitely go back and have a look at when planning projects in the future.

But first, I must be a good girl and finish my ongoing projects.



The photo below is a screen shot of the map mentioned in the comment below. It was made on the same afternoon.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of fishing vessels in the area just now.



6 Responses

  1. Beautiful pictures. I look forward to ghe quilt.
    And here is a picture of how it looks like on the coast of Sunnmøre on a Sunday afternoon. Most of the boats marked with yellow and white are fishing boats


    • Thank you, – so do I 🙂

      I made screen shot of the map you linked to this afternoon and added it to the post. I guess the look of the map will change when the herring season is over.

      • I made a screen shot too, but did not find out how to paste it in here. I pasted it into a word-document. I am impressed by all the boats fishing so close to shore and so close together

      • I do not think it is possible to copy and paste photos into the comment box. Links can be pasted, though.
        (Learning new things all the time 🙂 )

  2. Eldrid, I wonder if it was the colours you were seeing in the scene of men hosing themselves off, that frist caught your eye. The creative process is certainly fascinating.

    • Amy
      Actually, it was the movement and water glittering in the sun that caught my eye at first. Of course, their orange outfits are very visible, but I had to zoom in, and then crop the resulting shots, to actually see what was going on. Then I also saw all the colours 🙂

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