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In the comments section of my previous post, there was a question about the English term for “sparkstøtting” .

I posted the question in an online quilting forum, and soon received an answer: kicksled.

When knowing what to look for, I also found an article in Wikipedia about kicksleds.

The spelling can also be kick sledge.

Hurray for quilting communities, – they are always very helpful 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Eldrid, thanks for providing this information. Despite all of our snow, I’ve never seen such a thing in use in Canada.

    • You are welcome, Amy. I was surprised myself to find information in English Wikipedia about the kicksled, so was only happy to share.
      Although it seems to exist outside Scandinavia, it does not seem to be widespread, so I am not surprised you have not seen it. It requires a firm snow surface or ice to be effective, so would not work on salted or sanded roads.

  2. That is great. When I was a kid I had my own “Kicksled”. What was best was that my dog drug it. Oh, those were days.

    In the village where I live nowadays there can be seen Kicksleds occasionally, but it can be used very seldom, because there sand on roads.

    Thank You remembering me from my childhood and presenting Kicksled. In Finnish it is called “Potkuri” meaning something one must give kicks. 🙂

    • We have two kicksleds in our garage just now, but they are seldom used, – either from lack of snow, or, – when there is snow, they sand the roads just like in your place.
      Spark, sparkstøtting, kicksled, potkuri, – lots of names involving kicking.
      Are there more names for this device? Anyone?

      • Hello. Kicksled has another name here in Finland also. “Potkukelkka”. It exactly the same as in Norwegian. Why Potkuri. All the people call it so and in our mouths people like to shorten names.

        In my newest post, which I made today, I showing my photos from world’s biggest SnowCastle, there is also to be seen a different kind of “sled”. When I was kid, we had them on nearby lakes. At those days it was very general.

        So, the weekend is coming and I wish to You Happy Weekend!

      • Google translate says that “kelkka” means “kjelke” in Norwegian. That makes sense; – so “potkukelkka” would be “sparkekjelke”.
        Words are interesting creations 🙂

        Thanks for the info, and a happy weekend to you too. I am looking forward to studying the snow castle later today.

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