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One or two?

From time to time spruce seedlings find their way into our garden. When we see them, they are uprooted and planted again in a spot where they can hopefully survive, and in time serve as Christmas trees. The survival rate of these uprooted seedlings is not impressive, – in fact, it is much better for the ones that have been left to grow where they first appeared. Two of the latter category have been growing in the middle of our hedge, which, incidentally, has a very low survival rate too, – only a few shrubs left by now. However, we do not want any large spruce trees there either, so last year one of them was elected “Christmas Tree of 2008”. We decided to save the other one for 2009.

We did not count on the number of centimetres the last one was to grow during that year, though.

One evening a few days before Christmas Asbjørn made his way through the snow and cut down the tree. The red spot is part of his jacket, – he is behind the tree, sawing and sawing.

At last he got it down.

Having dragged it onto the front steps, he was almost out of breath, and was having second thoughts. The tree was too tall, and too wide, to make it into the house. Hmmm, – what to do now?

First of all, a lot of centimetres was cut off from both the top and bottom, and the foot came on, – just.

Now, it was possible to press it through the front door, but is was so wide we could not get it any further. Only one thing to do, – find the garden shears and start cutting and pruning.

And no, – the photo is not a double exposure, – it really has two trunks and two tops.

It finally made it into the living room, – still a bit “fat”, but manageable. We had to buy an extra ornament for the extra top, which in the years to come will remind us of this particular tree, – or maybe we should say trees.  It, – they,  – are far from perfect, yet very memorable  🙂

A very Happy Christmas to everyone!



8 Responses

  1. Fantastiske treet med to topper. Klart ein kan vere rause i jula 🙂

    • I love your tree story! It is wonderful to have such wonderful moments to remember each year- from ornaments, to friends and family, food, and baking. We have lost many family members over the past 2 years, yet remembering some of “Life’s Great Little Moments” is helping us enjoy the season. Thank you for sharing your photos. Merry Christmas!

      • Janet, thank you for your kind comment.
        I am sorry for your loss, – but it is good to have many memories. As you say, they are often tied to small and otherwise insignificant things.
        A Merry Christmas to you too!

    • Enig, Helen. Det hadde til og med vore endå betre med tre toppar, – den tredje skulle fått ein engel, tenkjer eg 🙂

  2. For et flott tre! Vi har også vært i hagen og funnet tre i år – det er stort og ikke akkurat i vater, men vi er likevel veldig fornøyde med det spesielle treet vårt.

  3. Eldrid, it’s beautiful! Two trunks! I’ve never cut down a tree from my yard. (Maybe I should. It sounds like quite an adventure 🙂 )

    • Thank you, Amy. I think it did a good job serving as a Christmas tree, and it had to go anyway. Maybe we’ll get a plastic tree next time, – less hassle, I think, – hehe.

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