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……. where did it go? The month seems to have passed so quickly I hardly noticed we are already into November.

After  two months of almost constant rain, it finally cleared up at the beginning of the month. We had some early frost which brought out the autumn colours.


Early in the month, the sun was high enough, and warm enough, to thaw the frost in the fields as it rose towards midday.


There was a storm or two in between, but we do not mind that when most of the days are sunny and quiet.

autumnreflection2The leaves started falling, and were able to settle quietly on the ground or in the streams. Usually they are blown away or swept quickly into the sea by the rushing waters.


Some trees hang onto their leaves longer than others, – or maybe it is the other way around; – the leaves hang onto the trees…..


By now most of them are gone.

The sandbox in the garden is covered with a tarp to keep out the cats. It collected a lot of water throughout September, which froze to ice.


The plastic toys were trapped.

The water on the handrail also froze, creating beautiful patterns.


Below the photo is enhanced in a photo editing program to show the pattern better:



8 Responses

  1. Nydelige høstbilder! Det aner meg at dette kan være motiver for fremtidige quilter… Fint å få med de ulike fargene i naturen – hvordan de “står til hverandre”… og frossent vann har de utroligste detaljer i sine ulike former. Spennende!

  2. Flott bildeserie Eldrid. 🙂 Håpar fineveiret varer i desember og. 🙂

  3. Nydelege bilder, mamma! Er elles enig med pappa ang. fineveiret og 😉

  4. Eldrid,
    The last photo looks just like the back of a heavily machine quilted project. Wonderful!
    Judy B

  5. Nydlige bilder. En påminnelse til meg om å stoppe opp litt mer og ta inn det rundt meg. Kjørte forøvrig gjennom vakkert rimlandskap nettopp, nesten magisk.

  6. Flotte bilder.

  7. “Some trees hang onto their leaves longer than others, – or maybe it is the other way around; – the leaves hang onto the trees…..”

    Eldrid, I’ve never thought of it that way before 🙂 It is getting so much colder (and darker) here too.

  8. Oh, I so agree with flandrumhill – what a great line!

    I love the mood that your pictures portray, restful, deeply centered, quite spiritual really. Now that I have wandered through your blog today, I am wanting to visit Norway myself, and Murmansk too.

    Have you ever considered leading a tour for people? All sorts of quilters would love to share your insights on quilting and drawing inspiration from your surroundings.

    I found your blog through Wandering Wednesday post on the Curious Quilter.

    – Birdie in Iowa, USA

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