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Gølak is gone

Our faithful, persistent, and sometimes troublesome neighbour is now gone. He lasted only till the second day of the hunting season.

His demise even made it to the local newspaper:


The hunters, who are the local farmers around here, have been eyeing him all summer, and especially the last few weeks. They had given him the name “Gølak”, after the man who used to own the land where he has been roaming all summer.  Our house is also built on a small lot on this land, and the man Gølak was my husband’s granduncle.

Having grazed mainly on the farm fields and in the gardens in the neighbourhood, – almost too close for comfort sometimes, – it is no wonder that “Gølak” was high on the list of animals the farmers wanted to get rid of.  Being a large and fat individual was no drawback either, – rather an added bonus from the hunters’ point of view. At 152 kilogrammes he was close to the previous record weight of 160 kilos.

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6 Responses

  1. I am sorry for him. But I guess this is the expected end of the game…You blogged wonderfully about the deers.

    • Thank you, Alexandra.
      Yes, they do have to take out some of the animals, or there will be too many who will die from lack of food during the winter.
      However, I do not care much about the “hunters posing with dead animal”-photos that always appear in the papers at this time of year. The hunters are ok, I guess, but the deer is just a sorry heap compared to the proud animal it once was.

  2. Ja, då er vi kvitt han i alle fall.. 😀 Du skreiv ikkje kor mange greiner han hadde, og det viste heller ikkje på avisutklippet. 🙂

    • Der var 11 greiner stod det i teksten. Kunne sjå på biletet at han hadde krone (tre taggar) på venstre side, men ikkje på høgre, så det er nok rette karen. Høyrde han bura rundt husa her til og med torsdags kvelden, men etter at eg kom heim på søndag har det vore stilt.

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