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We have concrete stairs from one level of our garden to the next. They are getting on in years now, and frost, the salty air, and acid rain have all taken their toll.  The surface is not very even any more, and now and then they have to be cleaned of moss and other growths that want to settle there.

This summer I kept looking at the stairs, and kept telling myself that they should be cleaned, but for various reasons it did not happen.

Late in July I came across this sight:


A small Iceland poppy (here we call them Siberian poppy) was blooming on the edge of the top step, soon to be followed by two sprigs of oregano and a foxglove.

I have been planting Iceland (Siberian) poppy for several years in various places in the garden. They are supposed to be perennial, but have never resurfaced after the first year, – neither in the same spot, nor elsewhere, – until now. I am very surprised that anything was able to survive on the steps at all, as we had several weeks of very hot and dry weather this summer, and the steps were not on the watering priority list.

It is a pity it cannot be left to grow on the place it has chosen, but we let it stay til the flower had gone.

Lesson learned:  plant the Siberian poppies in the driest, most barren place in the garden next time, – then maybe…….


2 Responses

  1. Herlig! Heime hos meg er det faktisk fioler som har vokst opp de mest usannsynlige plasser, men denne her var no virkelig fargerik 🙂

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