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Update on the neighbours

Evenings have gradually been getting darker, so we have not been seeing much of our neighbours lately.  However, from what we have observed in the garden, it is obvious that they are still visiting now and then.

Yesterday at dusk I caught our repeat visitor in the act, with his nose up among the branches of a plum tree outside our kitchen window. When I had found my camera and come outside, he was on his guard:


It was already so dark that the camera had problems focussing, so the pictures are not as sharp as I should wish.


Still, it is not hard to see that he has gotten very fat over the summer.


He had no problems jumping the garden fence, though, – leaving behind some messy fruit trees…..


….. and then went on to eat some apples in the garden next door.

The hunting season starts in two weeks. I wonder if he will survive.




Two days later, our plum trees looked like this:


I am beginning to regret that I am not fit enough to join the hunt myself.

On the other hand: we have been talking of having to thin the branches at the top, – maybe we will not have to do that now.


6 Responses

  1. If anyone succeeds in shooting him, they ought to give you part of the meat, since you’re the one who has fed him over the summer…

  2. Hmm. Fekk fornya lovnaden på elgsteik frå Bergen, no eg var der… Kom berre på det no. 🙂

  3. He certainly looks healthy, thanks to you and your fruit trees 🙂 I wonder what his chances are of survival over the winter, even if he doesn’t get killed in the hunt.

    • Amy
      Hard to say, really, – at least as good as any of the others, I should think. The deer population is a bit on the large side for this area, so the weakest ones have smaller chances of making it through. This one seems strong, though, and has made it through several winters already.

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