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Apropos ironing, – when staying at our daughter’s this weekend, we also visited a private museum nearby. The museum has a collection of old log cabins, – the sort of houses that people lived in around here for hundreds of years, – complete with furniture and everyday tools. The photos below were taken inside one of the old houses.

Imagine washing your clothes or quilt fabrics with one of these:


…. and then ironing with one of these:


The two irons above are for heating on the stove.  Below is the “deluxe” variant:


Here you can fill the iron with burning coals, there is an opening at the back to adjust the air intake, and thus also the temperature, –  and it also has a small chimney to let out the smoke.


I am still very fond of my electric iron, – and my washing machine.

I could very well imagine owning a woven coverlet like this, though:



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