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My husband got a cherry tree for his 50th birthday. This year it had lots of flowers in the spring, and later we could see that lots of fruit were developing too.



Before my husband went away for his job in June, he tried to cover the tree with a net to protect the fruit.


The net was too small, so the tree was only partly covered.

We have been eyeing the cherries for the last couple of weeks, trying one now and then to see if they were ripe enough to eat.  Yesterday evening I visited Juliann’s blog, looking at the delicious photos and reading her mouth watering description of her cherries, – and looking forward to picking and eating our own.

This morning, when looking out of the kitchen window, I could not see a single cherry on our tree.  “Where are our cherries”, I asked my husband.  He went out to look, and came back in with four cherries, – that was all he could find, except for a lot of cherry seeds on the tree and on the ground.


Now, if we only count the price of the net that was on the tree (which had been ripped open), each cherry is about NOK 40. We ate them for dessert today, – with reverence.

Afterwards I produced these, which I had bought in the shop for “only” NOK 99 per kilo:


They were both cheaper and tastier.


One Response

  1. Ha ha, funny coincidence, we apparently have the same type of tree, and our experience with the crops have been quit similar. Lots of flowers in the spring, but instead of ripening most of the berries just shrink and dry out, then fall to the ground. I have looked for advice on what to do, and people told me to water the tree carefully. So, I watered it every evening, but same result. “But you must remember to use plenty of fertilizer”, people told me, so next year: plenty of fertilizer and generous watering. Same result. This has been going on since 2002. This year I decided just to be content with the flowers, and do absolutely nothing whatsoever. And guess what? We had plenty of berries this year. Not like buckets ot anything, but a few liters at least.

    Btw, a family in the neighbourhood has two large sour cherry trees with cascades of ripe cherries, that nobody wants. They put up a sign on their fence, inviting anyone interested to pick their fruits. We were there yesterday and picked 6 liters, and it didn’t even show. The berrys are too sour to eat “as is”, but are absolutely delicious for jam and desserts. Now we are on our way to fill up our buckets once more.

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