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My father


Sunday evening, the 12th of July, I got the dreaded phone call: my father had fallen about and was on the way to the hospital.  I immediately started to pack a few things, but before the next ferry was due to leave our island, I got another phone call to say that he had died peacefully, without any further contact.

We knew that he had an untreatable aneurism, and that he would go quickly if, or when, this would burst. Still, it is a shock when it happens.

He would have been 85 on Aug. 1st this year, and we had already started to plan his birthday. This was not to happen, – instead we were all gathered for his funeral on Friday 17th July.  During the days of planning and organizing the funeral, the nearest family have spent a lot of time together, and in between the tears, we have also been sharing a lot of fond memories.

My father was a carpenter, and a very active and practical man. He built the house we grew up in, cleared several acres of wilderness to be able to keep a few sheep and grow vegetables, built the barn and other outhouses, and in time also built, or helped to build, several of his children’s houses. He got restless whenever he did not have anything to do with his hands.

Below is a photo of my older sister and me, sporting our new doll’s prams which he had made from plywood.


We are lucky to have so many fond memories.


Update on the Sapphire 870Q

This is long overdue, but better late than never.

A couple of months ago I wrote this message, asking for feedback from other machine owners on the condition of their machine casings. Mine had sharp and uneven edges and corners, which hampered the movement when free motion quilting. The Husqvarna representative had told me that all casings were the same, and that everybody else were satisfied with theirs, which I did not think  could be quite right. I asked around in different fora, and the answers I received online and in private e-mails could be roughly grouped in three categories:

1  Most people had casings that were ok, – no sharp edges or corners, or level differences where different parts of the casings had been fitted together.

2  Some had either sharp edges/corners or level differences, or both, in varying degrees, but have not seen this as a problem for various reasons: don’t quilt, don’t free motion quilt, use Fab-U-Motion when free motion quilting, use Suprem Slider or similar product to reduce friction.

3  A very small number have casings similar to mine and think it is a problem, but for various reasons had not complained or reported back to their dealer or to Husqvarna.

I wish to thank everyone who replied either online or privately, – you have been a great help.

I reported my finds back to the Husqvarna representative, and received a reply that they were still looking into the matter, and he would inform me when they had reached a conclusion.

A few weeks later I got an e-mail informing me that the factory now would have a greater focus on the fitting of the casings, and that the ones with the sharper edges could be returned for either new casings, or new fitting of the old one.

Long before this conclusion was reached, my dealer offered to swap my machine for one with a better fitted casing, which I think was very generous, considering that at the time, she did not know whether she would get the old one fixed/reimbursed or not.

Below are photos of the old and new machines, showing the difference. Both are Sapphire 870Q.

Old machine:


New machine:


There is still a very small level difference beside the needle plate, but the corner is not sharp, so it is not a hindrance when quilting.

Considering all I had read about other problems with these machines, I was also a bit apprehensive about getting a new one, as  my first machine did not show any of those common problems.  So far this one has had no tension problems, but there may be some issues with the cutter, as it does not cut the thread every time.  I have to try it out some more before I have it looked into, but from what I have read elsewhere, this may be easy to correct. Other than this, I am very satisfied with the machine so far, and will soon be doing some serious free motion quilting on it to really put it to the test.

I have found the VikingSapphire group at Yahoo.com to be very helpful and informative when troubleshooting these machines.



Picked the first strawberry today. It was delicious.


More are on the way.


Morning fog

Yesterday morning the fog came in and covered land and sea.  With the sun up and above, there was a beautiful soft light, perfect for photographing. These were taken out of the car window on my way to the shop.



The fog soon lifted, and the bright, hot weather continued.


Visit from Holland

Yesterday Greetje Hein and her husband Frens came to visit. They are on holiday in Norway and made a detour to our island so that we could meet. Greetje has translated many of my patterns to Dutch, and she is importing and distributing them throughout The Netherlands. She also gives classes all over the country.

Greetje has made her own version of the Ormen Lange bargello quilt, and she brought it with her so that I could get to see it “in person”. Here she and her husband is holding it up so I could take some photos.


She has a lovely shiny turqoise fabric as her focus fabric, and she has also added lots of beads:



Below Greetje and I are posing on the verandah, which is where we spent most of the time during their visit:


She also brought lovely gifts: Dutch fabrics, a fabric marker which makes very thin lines, plus refills in different colours, and a Dutch magazine with lots of yummy quilts in it:


This morning while we were sitting at the breakfast table, one of our neighbours also decided to pay a visit. Below is Frens trying to capture the morning guest with his camera:


It was so nice to meet up with Greetje and Frens, – chatting along for hours as if we were old friends.  I hope that we can make a return visit in Holland at some time.