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Our neighbours have grown…

…. in size and cheekiness.

A couple of days ago we spotted this guy again, this time through the kitchen window:

hjortb1Lots of nice grass here

hjortb2Hhmm…. , why are they looking at me?  Good thing they are behind glass.

hjortb3Oh well, – I’d better carry on with my meal.

hjortb4I wonder if there are some better things to eat around here…

hjortb5Hhmmm, – maybe over there….

hjortb6Mmmm.. this looks delicious.. (My white roses)

hjortb7Now, what are those two doing on the terrace?

hjortb8Never mind!  I’m not going to let them spoil a good meal.

hjortb9Ok, ok, – stop the waving and shouting. I’m off.

(I can always come back after dark)