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Online Quilt Festival – Spring 2009

Park City Girl has invited bloggers to enter their favourite quilt in an online quilt festival.

I had a hard time picking a favourite to enter, –  most of my quilts are all favourites for some reason or other. In the end I decided to show you this one:


It was made in 1995, and back then, every quilt was a new accomplishment, – which is still the case, come to think about it.

Many of you quilters know how it is when your non-quilting acquaintances oh and ah over your quilts saying things like  “.. just imagine piecing all those little fabric scraps together, – I could never do that…” , -and you would rather not spoil the fun by telling them that there are shortcuts, like strip piecing, for instance.  Well, this is the kind of quilt where you would not have to make that confession, – there were no shortcuts on this one.  Every single 2 inch square was cut, then pinned on point to the design wall according to my plans and drawings, then they were all sewn together.


I had to use a step ladder to do the top rows, and I still have lots of leftover squares and a fairly large supply of pins, since each square and triangle were pinned individually to the wall.

If I were to make this quilt again now, I would make it even more scrappy.  Back in 95 I did not have a lot of fabrics to choose from, and I must confess that my stash has grown considerably since then.  However, I do not think I will ever make another one like this, – I do not really like making the same quilt twice.  Once it has been accomplished, there is no challenge, and  I would rather do something new.

There is more about this quilt in the gallery on my webpage.

Visit the Online Quilt Festival to see the other entries:



Thank you for all your kind comments.

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53 Responses

  1. Hi Eldrid, the quilt is lovely and brilliantly designed… I love tessellations. Bravo!

  2. So sorry about that my son hit a macro on my husbands gaming keyboard. What I ment to say is Wow! I love this quilt.

  3. Oh, that is amazing!! Just gorgeous! I don’t like to make the same quilt twice, either. And the comments I hate from non-quilters: “I wish I had nothing better to do!” or “someone has too much time on her hands.”

  4. What a fabulous quilt! Love the extra photo of the the pieces on your design wall.

  5. I’ve visited your web page and read about this quilt. I liked it then and I still like it. Stunning and an awful lot of work went into this.

  6. Hei Eldrid! Kjekt å sjå deg på festivallista også! Det er lenge sidan eg har vore innom sida di, men det er faktisk berre 3 dagar sidan eg tenkte på deg!! I morgon er det regionstreff i Førde, vi reiser minst 10 frå klubben. God helg frå Mariann Hatlenes.

    • Heisann Mariann, – kjekt å høyre frå kjentfolk. Trur det var frå bloggen din eg hamna inne på festivalsida, og synest dette såg kjempeartig ut.
      Ha ein fin tur til Førde, – er dessverre ikkje i form til å køyre så langt sjølv enno, så eg får nyte online versjonen denne helga.

  7. wow wow wow! Such a lot of work but totally worth it for such a stunning quilt. Love your design wall too!

  8. What a great goose quilt. I’m so glad you added the in progress shot so we can see the scale of your quilt. Almost all my quilts are small so I really appreciate those who work big. Kudos.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my rock art quilt in the show.

  9. That is a gorgeous quilt and design, Eldrid!


  10. Ok, being a fairly new quilter, one year plus a bit. I can’t imagine that I have enough life in me to do this…it’s just awesome. this festival thing has been soooo amazing.

    • Thank you very much, Nanci. I agree about the festival. When looking around, I too realize I would need more than one life to make everything I would like to

  11. Awesome! Excellent! Amazing! exactly how many 2″ squares did this take? You should be so very proud of this piece. This online festival is so fabulous as I am finding the most wonderful works.

    • Thank you, thank you, Quilt Rat. I think I counted them at the time, but have forgotten the number. Will have to count again, – some day, when I have finished looking at all these wonderful quilts 🙂

  12. You have a lot of patience …but it was worth it! Lovely quilt that is so very calming …even though it has all those pieces in it! I would not have been calm making it if it was me though! (LOL)

  13. Gorgeous quilt! Such a clever design. How fun to make your pattern.

  14. Oh my!! What a beautiful quilt. And what diligence. You did a wonderful job.

  15. oh, my goodness!! this is such a beautiful work of art!! i love the birds and the fish!!

  16. Wow! I can appreciate all the work that went into this quilt. It is beautiful!

  17. That is art at its best. The time and vision in that quilt are extraordinary.

  18. What alot of work- working with all those little pieces on the design wall is indeed challenging – you did a masterful job. The quilt is stunning..
    I did make a color wash quilt for my grandmother that had 30 X 40 2 inch squares. What made it manageable, was having a fusible grid that I could lay the individual pieces on- It works on the same principle as a design wall- you can move them around until you iron them on- I would do it that way again.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt- It is awe inspiring!

    • Thank you very much, Anna. I would certainly have considered the fusible grid had it been available at the time. As it were, I thought it was a great improvement to have a gridded background on the design wall instead of just a plain one. It really helped a lot.

  19. Your quilt is a hit! I love it too – the color placement and overall design is amazing!! I think its great that it’s over 10 years old and still a favorite – thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. This is absolutely breathtaking! I absolutely love the quilt, but thanks for the shot and explanation of how you put it together! This is a very inspirational quilt for me!

  21. Wow, this quilt is absolutely amazing! What a mind-boggling job that must have been. I really enjoyed the in-process picture, to understand how big this quilt is. Thanks for sharing this quilt – you should be very proud!

  22. WAUW!!!
    It’s absolutely stunning.

  23. A very interesting and unique design. I think it is wonderful.

  24. This quilt is great. I can’t imagine all the time that took. It’s beautiful! I love it. Fantastic work!!

  25. I’m really impressed that you didn’t “cheat” in any way. I designed a quilt like this with a yin yang motif but Iused the gridded fusible interfacing and it wasn’t on point. Great job!

  26. WOW!!! This is such a beautiful quilt. I can’t believe it was all made out of 2 inch squares. I am amazed.

  27. WOW, omg that is gorgeous.

  28. This quilt IS truly amazing!!!…..I noticed your reply about your design wall…I would like to check that out too!! I have added you to my Reader….I want to come back and make use of your instructions on the Hexagons you are doing. I have my papers but I’m still ‘mulling’ over fabric choices I would like to thank you for your visit and your nice comments!! See ya later!!

  29. I love the quilt for the internet exhibition you show on this site, it is loveley, great design you made!
    I looked at your work and I am impressed. I saw beautifull spots of Norway in your work and pictures. I have been twice in your country and I love it a lot, nature, the wooden houses, the friendly people. So nice those fabrics you made with pictures in it. I keep following your blog!

  30. A beautiful quilt. I love it.

  31. lovely job. I could spend ages looking at all the details and how it went together.

  32. Oh, my what a wonderful piece of art. I am in aw of your design wall and work………

  33. What a great design wall project! I have browsed a few pages of your blog and shop today, and think your designs are so HOT you may just need to KEEP that fire extinguisher in the photo very close all the time. Thanks for sharing, I will be spending more time here, and thanks to Mary at CQ for aiming me here today.

  34. […] Spring 2009 […]

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