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It is happening again…

..and it cannot be stopped. (Not that anyone would want to) 😉

The woods are turning green yet again.

With the weather we are having now, and what has been forecast, it will happen very quickly.


The last couple of days there has been a sudden change, – from the faintest hint of green all over, to some clear green tree- shapes here and there.


Some birches are earlier out than others, and it is always the same ones.  They are also first to turn yellow in autumn, – so I guess it is sort of fair.

Spring is a lovely time of year, – and has some beautiful green colours to it.


7 Responses

  1. Big changes in only one week. 🙂

  2. Spring happens quickly here too Eldrid. You’re right, the greens are so beautiful at this time of year. (We’re still waiting to see some green on the trees). Our birches often look dry and tired by August. It’s such a short season.

    • Wow, flandrumhill, – that is a short season. Here they usuallly turn yellow or brown at the end of September and leaves fall around mid October, or later if we are lucky.

  3. Thank you for your comment
    yuor quilt is stunning!

  4. THanks your comment on my site. Your quilt is amazing, you are very talented.

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