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Hidden gems

When leisurely walking through the corridors of the hospital, I often enjoy stopping and studying the different art pieces hanging on the walls.  After a while I am fairly well aquainted with the pieces on the route between my room and the gym, and the ones in the main hall.  There is a wide variety of paintings, prints, watercolours, ceramic and metal wall art, and woven tapestries.

When on one of my hourly walks in the nearby corridor the other day, I suddenly noticed some white specs through the darkened wire mesh glass doors leading to the stairway.  Since I am currently on crutches, I prefer using the lifts these days,  especially since my room is on the 4th floor, so I had never been through that door.  My curiosity aroused, I peeped through the door, and immediatley saw this gorgeous quilted and embroidered wall hanging, – the birds being the white specs that I had noticed through the glass.


Today, on a quiet Saturday afternoon, there was not much traffic up and down the stairs, so I brought my camera and carefully walked halfway down the first flight of steps so I could position myself to take a few photos.  The stairs are dimly lit, so even if I used my flash, the colours are a bit on the dull side.

I have no idea who the artist is, – there was no name to be seen anywhere. I even asked some of the nurses, but nobody knew.

Below are a couple of details:



It is a pity only the fit and bouncy stair-walkers get to see this one.  Or maybe they deserve a reward like this for walking the stairs instead of clogging the lifts.


4 Responses

  1. Hei fra Tejas (Texas)! I trust your rehabilitation is will go well and you will be back home soon. I am a real fan of your work and your artistic eye. Thanks for creating a blog Eldrid. It will be fun to follow.

    • Jamie, – thank you very much for your kind comments, and for your concern. My rehab is going very well, I think. I will be home by next weekend, – still on crutches as per doctors orders. These things take their time, – but I am very happy with the progress so far.

  2. The arrangement of the white birds reminded me a bit of Escher. What is odd is that there are two types of birds flying in the same direction. Were the white birds an afterthought? I would love to know the story behind the quilt. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I agree, – they are a bit Escher-ish.

      The hospital was built in the seventies, so I guess the quilt would have been made not long after that. I tried to ask around for information, but I guess it has been there so long that not many notice it, or take any interest in it.

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