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When planning and packing for my rehab stay, I aimed for a variation of “toys”.  Even though sewing is a great hobby, you can get pretty fed up if you have nothing else to do.

I have enjoyed doing the English paper piecing so far, but also enjoy knitting.  Even though the patchwork pieces are small and handy, nothing beats a simple, straightforward knitting project as a pick-me-up-during-a-three-minute-break project.  It sits ready in its bag, needles, thread and project in one bundle, just grab it and do some stitches, then put it back into the bag.  No extra glasses to put on to thread the needle, no extra equipment to bring out and organize, like scissors, spool of thread, thimble, paper and fabric….  I feel I need a bigger time slot to sit down with the pathcwork than with the knitting.

And then there is the benefit of variation, of course.


The most straighforward, no-brainer knitting projects in my opinion are socks made from just one bundle of yarn.  When made with painted yarn such as in the photo above, you can just knit and knit, and the stripey pattern emerges all by itself. 

Whose feet are going to be kept warm?  The grandkids’ of course.  Knitting socks is a granny thing.

2 Responses

  1. What pretty sock yarn! I never seem to be able to find pretty self striping yarn anymore.

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