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Quilt Education 2

The quilt education I promised myself has started.  Weekends are slow here, no physios on duty till Monday, so except for the self training regime, meals and the occasional visit, I have lots of time to relax, read, and sew.

This weekend I have been perfecting the basting process.  Cutting is easy, – just pin one of those pre cut paper hexagons to the fabric, and cut around it, eyeballing the seam allowance.  I learned to heed the advice of not skimping on the seam allowance.  It does not have to be accurate all around, but it should definitely not be too small, or it will be difficult to baste.


I tried to fussy cut some motifs from the rose fabric scraps, but it was a bit difficult since the scraps were not really big ones.  I got a few roses in the centre, though.


I thought Cindy’s taping method was the easiest to use: tape one side and start basting on the opposite side.  Works very well for me.

So far I have been just cutting and basting with no particular design in mind. I think maybe I should make some layout plans before I “baste myself into a corner”, so to speak.


3 Responses

  1. I have only done the hexes with freezer paper but what I did was iron the edges over the paper using starch. Then I used a water soluable thread and I did a 3 stitch zig zag with hexes butted together. Then I could just pick up my block and hand stitch the hexes together. When finished I steamed and eventually wash out all of the Water soluable thread. This made the hand sewing part really go fast and I didn’t have to look for the next hex and figure out where to put it.

    • Thank you Susan for a great tip, – I love every method that lets me use my sewing machine 😉
      Did you remove the paper before you sewed with the water soluble thread?

  2. […] 12 fabric pieces with a comfortable seam allowance, baste around all 12 templates. I find that the basting method I use for hexagons also works well for pentagons, as long as they are not too […]

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