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Have you ever bought a book just because you were captivated by the great look on the cover?  And then found that it was a really interesting read as well?

I get those marketing e-mails from Amazon where they tempt me to buy books and DVDs, and where their choice offer is calculated from what I have bought before.  This is very effective marketing, of course, because I tend to buy more of the same style of books that I have enjoyed before, – while the new and unknown is not likely to be as tempting.

After I bought a French DVD for my daughter, French films began to appear in these marketing posts.  The one in the photo below, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, caught my eye.


 I read up on it, and found there was also a book which the film was based on.  I always like to read the book first, and then watch the film afterwards.  That way I know the characters beforehand, and do not have to keep track of who is who at the beginning of the film, – sometimes that can be very confusing and requires a lot of attention.

Anyway, I bought both the book and the film.  I have read the book, and have not for one moment regretted the purchase, even though comic books are not my usual style, and the subject, – growing up in Iran, –  not one I was particularly interested in beforehand. 


  I even bought a second book by the same author to enjoy in the near future, – after I have seen the film of this one.

I also get marketing e-mails from AbeBooks after buying a used book through them. They often present some interesting collections in their newsletters.  One of the latest I have received happened to be about captivating covers.

This was my favourite:


I may even want ot buy it one day, although I have no idea of what the book is about.  But I like the cover.

Here is their entire collection.

Previously they have presented a collection of unusual book bindings, – well worth looking at in my opinion, if only out of curiosity. There are very few of those that I could ever afford to buy.


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