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Flying Hearts

This is a work in progress, and at the moment it is progressing very slowly.  My plans are to write up a pattern for it, but that will not happen for some time as I will soon go into hospital for my planned hip surgery (at last), – and then there will be rehabbing and lots of physical training, so I guess my sewing- and computer time will be limited for the next few months.

Flying hearts quilt blocks

But quite a few quilters do not necessarily need a full description in order to make a quilt block into a quilt, so for those who want a head start I have put up only the templates for the block on my pattern download page at a reduced price.  They will be replaced by the full pattern once it is finished.

I chose to make my blocks in the light coloured version, but I also like the dark ones a lot.  Here you can see some more colour options.

What I like most about this kind of blocks are the many, many variations you can achieve by just turning the individual blocks different ways in the quilt setting.



6 Responses

  1. Dette blir lekkert. Kreativt satt sammen, som alle de andre flotte mønstrene dine. Gleder meg til å se ferdig resultat.

  2. Tusen takk, Eva. Eg synest det er spennande sjølv og, – berre håpar motivasjonen til å gjere det ferdig held seg til eg kjem att 😉

  3. I saw your website ages ago, and spent hours looking at the patterns and how they changed when re-arranged every which way! Flying Hearts is a wonderful design, Congratulations.
    Look forward to seeing more here on your blog.
    Judy B

  4. Thank you for stopping by, Judy, and for your kind comments.
    It is fascinating, isn’t it, how you can change the whole look of a design just by turning the blocks around? You have to decide though, before joining the blocks, while on the Kameleon Quilts you can change your mind every day, – hehe.

    I hope to update quite regularly, but there will be a break this week while I am in hospital.

    Thanks again.


  5. Så vakkert dette blir! Og så nydelig navn du har gitt det, blir heilt glad av både navnet og quilten 🙂

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